Arts in Motion Studio is here to meet the needs of any individual wanting to participate in and enjoy the arts. We offer classes in all areas of the creative arts. Our staff members have extensive experience and are ready to discover with you your unique talents. If you do not see a class offered at a time that meets your schedule, please call. We often shift classes to meet the interests and availability of our students. 
  • Daytime and evening classes, Monday through Friday, run year round. 
  • Weekend classes begin the week of Sept. 17 and end June 10 unless otherwise specified.
  • All students are subject to a once-per-year $10 registration fee.
  • Off-site classes and group-home rates are available. Please inquire for more information. 
  • Tuition assistance available. Request an application. 
 Important Dates
  • June 10: Summer schedule begins; weekend classes end
Performance Wow
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 9 am - 2:50 pm
A day program in which participants will explore all art forms and put together performance pieces.
Ages 18+
Creative Arts for Young Ones
Wednesday, 11-11:50 am
Students will explore music, drama and dance. These various art forms will provide the students the opportunity to meet sensory needs and develop social, academic, motor and communication skills and improve coordination. We will utilize these arts to expand learning and confidence.
Ages 2-5 
Drum and Dance
Thursday, 7-7:50 pm 
In a word, this class is FUN! We'll be blending the rhythms of the world with moves. This new class will lead to performance opportunities. 
Ages 12+ 
Creative Arts/Movement
Saturday, 10-10:50 am
A unique class in which we use all art forms to teach and grow. Focus is on rhythms, movements and expression.
Placement needed. 
Theater Games & Showmanship
Wednesday, 6-6:50 pm
Beginning theater class using games and skits to bring out the thespian. Students will be a part of the holiday show on December 8.
Ages 12+ 
2D Art
Monday, 1-2:50 pm
Painting, pastels and learning to draw. This is an introductory course that will touch on all aspects of fine art. A great class in which to discover your inner artist and talents.
Ages 18+ 
Group Art
Tuesday or Friday, 1-2:50 pm
Introductory class exploring various art forms. 
Ages 18+ 
Project Art I
Tuesday, 5-5:50 pm
Seasonal/holiday-themed projects.
Ages 12+
3D Art
Wednesday, 1-2:50 pm
Students will explore 3D art through sculpture, paper folding, working with found objects, and bas-relief (in which the design is slightly raised from the background). Lots of hands-on creating.
Ages 18+ 
Craft Art
Thursday, 10-10:50 am
Join our Performance Wow students for this craft art class.
Ages 18+ 
Project Art II
Friday, 5-5:50 pm
Each week a different art modality is explored for individuals to find their art expression.
Ages 10-18 
Individual instruction available on request. 
Music Learning
Tuesday, 6-6:50 pm
Explore music and learn how to make it. Each week, we will cover different types of music using theory and sound to have fun, learn to play music, and increase skills.
Ages 12+
Community Ukulele
Tuesday, 7-7:50 pm
Group style.
Ages 18+. At Music Together.
Voices in Motion
Wednesday, 5-5:50 pm
A class designed to learn to sing and share your voice in musical celebration.
Ages 12+ 
Hip Hop Creations
Thursday, 11-11:50 am
Learn how to write and create meaningful music.
Ages 18+ 
Recreational Music - Adults
Saturday 11-11:50 am
Introduction to rhythm and beats while exploring learning and skills. 
17+; Placement required
Recreational Music - Kids
Saturday 12-12:50 pm
Introduction to rhythm and beats while exploring learning and skills.
Ages 7-16; Placement required

Individual instruction available on request.
Introductory Dance
Wednesday, 4-4:50 pm
A class to introduce dance to inexperienced/beginning dancers.
Ages 10+.
Thursday, 1:30 pm
Ages 18+
Thursday, 4-4:50 pm 
Ages 12+ 
Jazzy Dance
Thursday, 5-5:50 pm
Ages 12+ 
Thursday, 6-6:50 pm 
Learn classic tap moves and create routines. This class will work on beginning tap skills, improving balance and enhancing coordination. 
Ages 12+ 
Gentle Movement
Friday, 11-11:50 am
Ages 18+
Tiny Dancers
Saturday, 9-9:45 am
Six-week introductory class for our youngest dancers.
Ages 2-6.
Young Dancers
Saturday, 10-10:45 am
A class to introduce dance to young dancers.
Ages 7-12
Intermediate/Advanced Dance
Saturday, 11-11:50 am
Ages 16+
Living Light Dance Company
Saturday, 12-2 pm
Ages 18+; Placement required 
Beginning/Intermediate Dance
Saturday, 2:15 pm
Ages 11-15
Individual instruction available on request.
Alterative Choices, Battle Creek
Sparta Public Schools
Ottawa Hills PI
Rockford Transitions
Wyoming Public Schools - Valleywood Middle 
*Drop-in options are designed for those whose schedules prevent them from committing to the full class schedule. Students must have an approved application prior to attending.  
Sun., September 10
Wheatland Music Festival
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We'll be performing on the children's stage at the 44th annual festival! Come for the day or camp and enjoy all weekend. Learn more.

Sat., November 11
Chair Affair
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